Why do it?

Personal growth, professional growth, and putting back


 Effective leaders have leadership experience

Many people have leadership thrust upon them, after a successful stint at the coalface of their industry. The truth is that leadership, and governance are skill sets in their own right, and are too often overlooked.  

Trusteeship is highly effective and practical in giving  these skills and experience to leaders and future leaders ON THE WAY to senior positions in an organisation. 

They get to use their professional abilities for a good cause, and hone their governance, strategic, decision making, and interpersonal skill sets before they would within the corporation. 

They gain confidence and gravitas to help them on the next step towards their career plans. This is a real benefit for hitting diversity and inclusion goals.

And when they are already at the very senior levels?

The same reasons apply. Except now ambassadorship, legacy, and leading by example come in to play. Culture comes from the top down, and senior leaders building skills based volunteering into their lives helps cement vision, values and purpose into the corporate citizenship of their company.