What our clients have said about being a trustee

We've worked with hundreds of people over the years. Here's a tiny selection of feedback

What our Trustees say

  • It's Enabled me to make a positive difference locally
  • Grown my network
  • Made me feel proud!

" Being a Trustee gives me an insight on the decision making and the running of an organisation at Board level.  "

"It has enabled me to understand the full workings of a board, the various committees and sub-committees and the range of skills required and input needed to run an organisation. "

" I had the opportunity to meet with Ronan and Sally at Be A Trustee, and to explore the sorts of areas where I may be able to give back to  local and wider communities, and to attain some new skills.  I  have found the experience thus far to be one of the best things that  I’ve done – I am proud to say that I am genuinely adding value to a  charity that does such wonderful work supporting people on their pathway to recovery, but I am  also developing and embracing new skills and a wider growth-mind set.Becoming  a charity Trustee has benefited me by giving me new skills and  experiences that have aided my career progression, and also personal  development."

What the charities have said  

‘’Jo energised the wider organisation and fellow Trustees in developing a new vision for the charity, a path to deliver both strategic and operational change whilst raising the charity’s standing and reputation in the city and region’’

" Her expertise in management is fantastic. Professionalism, great attitude  and commitment. We would love a full board of Louises. Very motivated she has  fantastic empathy and real understanding.  Knowledge. Extremely reliable takes ownership of things. "

" His contacts are different  bringing a different perspective. It's been fantastic. Some different ways some unexpected.   He he turns things around at speed."

" Enthusiasm, gender mix, new perspective.  Worked with our CEO to help him through HR issues and a difficult period. Had to make someone redundant.  Helped with advice on other areas. Very forthcoming.  "